📃Theme Options

From the Theme options, you will have more customization options for the following elements of your website. Go to Theme_Name > Theme Options

Here is an Overview of All theme options


From the Preloader section, you can determine what the website shows as it loads the content of your website. You can customize the Preloader settings in the following ways:

Here you can change the preloader object color & background

Here you can enable or disable the default theme header. If you using Theme Builder for creating a custom header you should disable the default theme header.

Learn About Template Builder Here

There are plenty of options to choose from, so feel free to experiment. Below are the most common settings for setting up the header:

General: Basic Header options

Logo: Upload your default site logos

Styling: Style the default header form here. You can customize the header menu style, submenu style, and typography form here

Page Title

Navigate to the Page Title from the Theme option. Here you can enable or disable the page title area and Breadcrumb

Customize page title area (Enable/Disable, Background, Color, Typography, etc).

You can customize specific page title style form the page option area

Here you can enable or disable the default theme footer. If you using Theme Builder for creating a custom footer you should disable the default theme footer.

Learn About Template Builder Here

If you use the default theme footer, Go to Appearance > Widget and add Add widgets to Footer widgets area.

Now you can customize the default footer how you like.


Blog / Archive Style

These settings affect the blog page and all blog archive pages (category, date, author, tag).

Here you can customize Blog Archive Layout, Post view, etc.

Blog Single

Customize Blog single layout. Here you can generate Blog single layout, customize post meta, post navigation, Related Tags, Social Media Sharing, Author Information, etc.

Color Scheme

We use some color schemes for making this beautiful theme. You change those colors from here as you like.

N.B: For changing Eementor widgets color, you can change from Elementor widget panel.


Here you will get the functionality to change the Body, Heading typography. Typography for individual sections can be found with those sections individually. You can select Font Family, Size, Alignment, and Color from this section.

Custom Scripts

Here can add custom scripts(js code). Must Be typed without script tag and valid code

You Can add also custom CSS in Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS


From these options, you can download the backup of the theme settings and also import previously saved theme settings.

Paste the backup JSON code to blank and Click Import to Import Theme options

Click Export & Download (Download Json); to download Theme options backup.

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